Agreement On Privileges And Immunities Of The Organization Of American States

Respect and faithful adherence to treaties are standards for the development of peaceful relations between states. International treaties and agreements should be public. (h) establish cooperation with specialized organisations and other national and international organizations, in accordance with the decisions of the General Assembly or Councils. (g) other privileges, immunities and facilities that are not incompatible with the above, except for diplomatic emissaries, except that they are not entitled to demand exemption from customs duties on imported goods (except in the context of their personal baggage) or excise duties or sales taxes. The Administrative staff of the Secretariat and members of its family enjoy the immunities and privileges that the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations grants to administrative staff. (d) promote cooperation, particularly in the economic, social and cultural spheres, with other international organizations whose objectives are similar to those of the Organization of American States; In determining the location of specialist organisations, the interests of all Member States are taken into account and the appropriateness of choosing the seats of these organisations on the basis of as equitable a geographical representation as possible. Member States reaffirm the principle that the most developed countries, when making concessions in international trade agreements, reducing or eliminating tariffs or other trade barriers, thus benefiting less developed countries, should not expect reciprocal concessions from countries incompatible with their economic development, financial and commercial needs. With this Charter, American states define the international organization they have developed to achieve an order of peace and justice, promote solidarity, strengthen cooperation and defend their sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence. Within the United Nations, the Organization of American States is a regional agency. Privileges and immunities are granted to permanent representatives of Member States and members of delegations, not for the personal good of certain persons, but to ensure the effective performance of their functional functions. Inter-American cooperation for global development should be pursued and, preferably, channelled through multilateral organizations, without prejudice to bilateral cooperation between Member States. This agreement is applied on a temporary basis, in accordance with the national legislation of the Member States, from the date of its signing and enters into force by the Member States that signed this agreement on the date of receipt of the last written notification on the completion of all internal procedures necessary for its entry into force. The General Secretariat maintains a register of organisations that meet the conditions set out in the previous article, as established by the General Assembly following a report by the Relevant Council.

In order to grant the permanent representatives of the Member States and the members of the delegation the right to freedom of expression and independence in the performance of their duties, the immunity of judicial proceedings concerning the words they utter or written and for any act they perform as representatives of States or international organisations is granted, even after those persons perform those tasks. Member States of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM – the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine; Guided by generally accepted principles and norms of international law; In view of the provisions of Article 16 of the statute of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM; Have agreed: (f) to be custodians of US treaties and agreements and their instruments of ratification; In addition to the immunities and privileges covered by Article 15 of this agreement, international Secretariat officials and their family members residing with them enjoy other immunities and privileges guaranteed by diplomatic representatives in accordance with the 1961 Vienna Convention on