Lease Agreement For Equine

“The tenant must feel very good with the horse, which is half rented. If he is ready to make a deal, should the tenant do his homework and understand the history of this horse? Before you can complete a half-lease, make sure you are comfortable with the horse and talk to the owner at length. Have you ever wanted to halve your horse maintenance costs? Or perhaps dreamed that your horse could be exercised more times during the week? There is a way to achieve both of these goals and keep ownership of your horse. This is called half-life. To go further, the agreement may also be specific to veterinary care. Important Points If you want to rent your horse halfway, use Julie Fershtman`s list as a base model and starting point. Consider all of these provisions. The expert: Julie Julie Fershtman Julie is one of the nation`s best-known and most experienced horse law practitioners; She has been practicing for 26 years. She is currently a shareholder in Foster, Swift, Collins and Smith, P.C., at Farmington Second, this specific issue could have been addressed in Kara`s contract. In addition to making available all costs for which the tenant is responsible, the coach could have regularly listed all the additional care received by Jazzie.

(These can be as little as additional supplements in the mare`s diet to more expensive chiropractic, horse tooth, massage, acupuncture treatments, etc.) While not all emergencies or violations can be considered in a contract, there are three ways to cover them in the agreement. Cosysalon Stand / Station lease agreement valid from the date of the , between: Name of hairdresser address: (owner) – and name of stylist address: (tenant) for and taking into account mutual promises and… Screenplay #3 Cody praises Bella, his Arab mare, half to his friend Bill. Bill rides the mare three times a week, and both men are satisfied with the arrangement. After six months of leasing, Bill loses his job and can no longer afford to pay half of Bella`s board of directors and care. The contract was one year old, and this unexpected event was not expected. Cody expected half the lease to keep Bella at a lower cost and decided to sue Bill for the remaining six months. Keep in mind some important factors when releasing responsibility. She has received numerous awards from leading equestrian organizations such as the Outstanding Achievement and Partner in Safety Awards from the American Riding Instructors Association and the National Partnership in Safety Award from the Certified Horsemanship Association. Julie is the author or co-author of the Equine Law and Horse Sense book series and has written more than 200 articles on horse law for more than 400 publications and websites. For more information, visit

Scenario #2 Kara is half-praised Jazzie, a 10-year-old Appaloosa mare, by her coach. You and Jazzie get along very well, and the arrangement works well. A month after the half-lease, Kara receives an unexpected bill from her coach for half the cost of Jazzie squat injections and two chiropractic appointments. Although Kara agreed to pay half of Jazzie`s board and vets` bills in her contract, she had no idea that the mare was on such an expensive diet. Another measure that you can take as an owner, julie proposes the purchase of appropriate liability insurance, as for example. B the liability insurance of a personal horse owner.