Marriage Separation Agreement Illinois

The spouse must file an application for separation and subpoena. A couple can establish a marital separation agreement that describes important marital issues such as the department of property, child support, child custody and child custody. The agreement is reviewed by a judge and, after authorization, a court order is made to grant the separation of the band to the separation of the law. If your spouse does not live in Illinois, you can apply for separation in the county where you live. Contact Shaw Family Law, P.C today to arrange legal advice with an experienced lawyer from the Kane County family. During your consultation, you can discuss your concerns with a member of our firm to determine if the separation of rights is the right choice for you and your spouse and, if so, how you can proceed with this process. You can contact us at 630-584-5550. Illinois allows a legal separation, but it is an option in Illinois, but they are rarely used. Divorce is usually the best option for many people. However, there are situations where legal separation would be the most appropriate.

Some examples of when a non-dissolution separation of marriage could occur are: couples who have problems that cannot be reconciled may require an immediate divorce. However, filing a separation can be a viable transition option, even if you think you will eventually file for divorce. Some time away will offer perspective, give you some alone time while your kids visit their other parents, and give you the opportunity to decide what you really want. Legal separation is less emotional than divorce, because it does not have the permanence of a divorce, whereas the legal relationship may exist between the parties. Below are four common reasons why Illinois couples choose to separate from the law. Discuss your expectations: You can use this separation period for self-reflection, while your spouse can take advantage of this time to see other people and measure their feelings. There is no “correct” or “false” answer, but you must be aware of your intentions with your spouse so that you are both familiar with the agreement and can avoid any misunderstanding about the process. The best place to apply for legal separation is in the county where you lived with your spouse. The nearest place to ask is the county where your spouse lives.

Whether you are considering a separation or divorce, it is important to understand the impact that both have on your family. Hiring a qualified DuPage County family law lawyer, able to explain the nuances of separation, divorce, child custody and spousal support, will make the process much easier and lead to faster settlements. At Stogsdill Law Firm, P.C. We know how to handle the most complex family law cases. We understand the emotional and financial burden of a non-dissolution separation or divorce and we keep our clients involved so that they understand what happens at every stage of the process. Even if you are only considering a divorce, contact our law firm in Wheaton, Illinois, at 630-462-9500 to protect your legal rights and assets and to learn more about your remedies. You can begin a legal separation by filing a petition with the circuit Clerk of the competent county.