Share Sale Agreement Plc

In the event of a seller`s infringement of one of the guarantees in sub-clauses 5.1 (a) to 5.1 (g), including (including to avoid any doubt, any violation after the completion date, to the extent that it results from notice of deed, omission or agreement, concerning that seller or his related businesses, the seller has, at the buyer`s request, a cash amount equal to the amount of a payment or other financial benefit that he or her related companies receive from the company of the group concerned as a result of such a violation. all know-how, trade secrets and confidential information (in any form), including, but not limited, to financial and technical information, plans, formulas, test or reporting results, project reports and testing methods, information on how a product works, process, invention, improvement or development, guidance and training manuals , operating conditions tables, portfolio and intellectual property strategy information, market forecasts, supplier lists and revenue targets, sales statistics, prices, discounts, margins, future business strategy, tenders, price sensitive information, market research reports, information on research and development reports and business development , as well as any information directly derived from this information, an assessment, authorization, authorization, authorization, authorization, authorization, decision, amendment, amendment, transfer or any other information or authorization required by an environmental law or agreement in accordance with environmental law, the company during the return period of lookback and a company or other entity the investment agreement of the company of February 22, 2008 (modified by the decision of the company June 21, 2010) between Graphite, the company and some of Warrantors The Company was established in England and Wales on 12 February 2008 and is registered as a limited company.