Unable To Display The Blackberry Id Agreement

When setting up the BlackBerry PlayBook™ tablet, an invitation to choose a country for the BlackBerry ID agreement is displayed. If a country is selected, the following error is displayed: The BlackBerry ID agreement cannot be displayed. Please select your country and language and try again. I observed this problem when I wanted to download an app, I couldn`t because I probably forgot my password, but I had to click on “FORGOT PASSWORD”. And then I received an email that allowed me to change my password, but then I tried again, I couldn`t log in. I tried the BlackBerry website and it worked. Again, I tried to sign up with my phone just to deny access. I reset my password several times without success. At one point, there was a response I received, implying that my real account email wasn`t the one I signed up with first. I am confused.

What do I do? Solution 2Conseconsify whether the proxy information was entered correctly in the Wi-Fi configuration on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Cause 2If you try to connect the BlackBerry PlayBook to a corporate Wi-Fi environment, the connection may use a proxy to access the Internet. Depending on the type of Wi-Fi network that the BlackBerry PlayBook is set up with for connection, there can be several causes for this issue. See the “Resolution” section. For more information about setting up Wi-Fi, see the following topics: Cause 1If you`re trying to connect the BlackBerry PlayBook to a Wi-Fi hotspot, the username and password must be entered to get an Internet connection. And to put it bluntly, after securing my data, I proceeded to a security erase, and it solved my problem, and it went back to normal. I hope you are willing to do it, I know I have not been reluctant. .